Friday, October 01, 2004


The Iraq attack was all about Saddam threatening president Bush's dad not weapons of mass destruction, terrorism or freeing the Iraqi people. The Iraqis love their dictators and hate being occupied. It is more than a little bit suspicious that the Bin Laden family is friends with the Bush family, President Bush was in the oil business and that Chenney once worked for the Haliburton company. Now we are in another Vietnam type quagmire. We will never "win the war" and we will have to leave without accomplishing anything accept getting a lot of people killed and ourselves trillions of dollars in debt. When we leave, everything will go back to what it was before we arrived. We will have created a lot of enemies and will be the target of terrorists who will eventually have nuclear weapons. I would think it is a good time to change presidents and our policies while we still can do so. Constant fear of death and destruction is not freedom.